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February 07, 2022 2 min read

2005-2006 RSX Taillight Conversion on 2002-2004 Model.

10mm Socket
8mm Deep Socket
Phillips Screw Driver
Wire Cutters
Dremel or Drill
Butt Connectors or Solder
Electrical Tape

New or used, these are the parts you will need to do the conversion. has diagrams, part numbers and good pricing.

Taillight Brackets
71541-S6M-010 BEAM, R. RR. BUMPER (UPPER) – $15.62
71591-S6M-010 BEAM, L. FR. BUMPER (UPPER) – $15.62

Reverse Sockets
33513-S2A-003 SOCKET (T10) (x2) – $4.92
Note: You will also need the plugs that plug into the sockets, as the 02-04 plugs are different. Using the part number for the sockets listed above, call your Honda/Acura dealer and tell them you need the plugs for these sockets. You can purchase them with wire for an additional charge.

33501-S6M-A51 LAMP UNIT, R. TAIL – $183.14
33551-S6M-A51 LAMP UNIT, L. TAIL – $183.14

Mud Flap Base Cover (Different than 02-04.)
74551-S6M-J00 COVER, R. RR. FENDER – $12.61
74591-S6M-J00 COVER, L. RR. FENDER – $12.61

1. Remove your stock bumper.
- Remove the screws holding the bumper to the quarter panel
- Remove Mud guards
- Remove plastic clips on underside of bumper cover.
- Remove bumper by unsnapping the sides from the body. Unplug license plate light. Pull bumper off.

2. Remove Taillights
- Unplug all wiring
- Remove 4 8mm nuts on each taillght.
- Remove 10mm nuts securing taillight brackets.
- Remove taillights.
dfe2b35b5f96caf03f8a87f1c0cc1a60  05-06 Taillight Conversion – HOW TO + Part List

3. 05-06 Lights
There are two options when installing the lights. You can saw off one of the mounting posts on the taillight. Or, you can drill a hole for the mounting post. The 05-06 lights mount differently.
- Place the taillight up to the car and mark where hole needs to be drilled. See the picture for details. I used toothpaste on the end of the mounting post to show me where I needed to drill. See photo where pen is pointing.
8da8681db7e5e0f137fedb9c9687d466  05-06 Taillight Conversion – HOW TO + Part List

4. Install Taillights
- Secure taillights with 4 8mm nuts.
- Secure 10mm nuts on bracket
394b0c8fdbbd700ec42a027349a95d4c  05-06 Taillight Conversion – HOW TO + Part List

5. Wiring
- Disconnect taillight wiring harness on passenger side. Find your turn signal plug (see photo) and cut the plug off, leaving enough wire. Use approximately 6-8 inches of wire and lengthen wiring to the signal plug.
- Using new plug for reverse sockets, attach plug. No extra wire should be needed.
- Electrical tape wires and re-secure to vehicle.
Note: The drives side plugs/wires are long enough to reach all sockets.
f2bca8871ee5def5c1101054139690f3  05-06 Taillight Conversion – HOW TO + Part List

6. Sockets/Bulbs
- Install all sockets in appropriate places. Plug in wiring.
- You will have one extra plug. The 05-06 only required 1 running/brake light whereas the 02-04 had 2.
- Turn on running lights and emergency flashers to ensure all bulbs are working properly.
- Troubleshoot any problems. You should not have any.

7. Mud guard base cover
- Install this cover on both sides, with the one innermost screw.
Note: After completing the conversion and having fitment issues with the mud guards and bumper, I researched part numbers. This cover/piece was changed in 05-06. It in not a mandatory piece if you choose not to use it.

8. Bumper Install
- Install your new freshly painted rear bumper. Snap it in and install screws. Check for fitment issues.
e659941432b742ca071b79cbf8317ff8  05-06 Taillight Conversion – HOW TO + Part List

Additional Parts/Instructions. – Some people have opted to use the brake/running light socket off the 05-06. With slight modification to the 05-06 Taillight, the 02-04 Socket will fit. Simply shave off the tabs.