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February 21, 2022 2 min read

Acura RSX Type S DIY: Fuel Line Tuck with aftermarket Rail


I decided to do a fuel line tuck for my car. Even though I don't know how much longer I will be keeping it... I already had the parts so whatever.

I bought the 6' of -6an Russel Black Braided fuel line
-8an to -6an reducer
-6an 90* swivel
You'll also need a couple of clamps

First you can see my fuel line running down the side of the engine

Now make sure the fuel pressure is down to nothing. So don't do this right after driving your car! I placed a towel under the line to catch any fuel that came out. But you want to remove the fuel rail quick disconnect.

Then I put a rubber plug in the fuel line so fuel didn't pour out. Next I removed the retainer clip and bracket holding the rubber hose to the stock metal feed.

Now I removed the fuel line by removing the second quick disconnect on the firewall

Now go back to the rail, and I have the OEM style connector on my fuel rail. I used a wrench to get that off

Now insert the reducer

from there we'll put the hose together. Take apart the swivel

Cram the hose into the first piece

Now using two wrenches insert the nipple and tighten the swivel back together and wallaaa

Now connect the hose where you want it off of the fuel rail and tighten it down.

Run the fuel line where you want it. I just went straight across but going under the water ports. Cut it to length. Then I put the clamps on and tightened her down. I don't want to take any chances so I used 3 clamps. Probably over kill but not taking and risks.

And now admirer a cleaner engine bay!

Original DIY by Type-Spaz