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February 11, 2022 2 min read

DIY RSX Taillight Gasket Replacement (Water in Trunk Fix)

Credit for this goes to dom7293 from


This is for the 02-04 RSXs that drive around with a pool of water in their trunk.

Here’s the pool

We need to find out where the leak is.
Remove your carpet, foam board, spare tire, taillight access lid, (and plastic cover if you wish).

To take off the taillight access lids, just pull… very hard

I took off the plastic cover. You don’t have to but it’s quick and it makes the job a little bit easier.
There are only 4 snaps. Just pull and they’re out.

After removing the carpet, foam board, spare tire, and taillight access lid; run water down from the top of the hatch and let it flow through the taillight. Do this until you notice where the water is leaking through.

Here’s the problem

For most people, the problem is usually that their taillight gaskets are bad.

I ordered my new taillight gaskets from acuraoemparts
Part Number: 33502-S6M-A11 (2002-2004 RSX base and Type S)
Their minimum quantity is 2 so you would pay $16.16 + shipping

These are the gaskets

First thing you need to do is remove your rear bumper

Now that the rear bumper is off, you can move inside the car
Turn the bulb sockets 45° counterclockwise to remove the bulb sockets. Pull the small plug at the end out.

Remove the mounting nuts. There are four 8mm nuts on the inside, 2 screws on the outside (you already took one out when you took off the rear bumper).
I also removed one of the mounting bracket nuts (10mm) to gain full access to the taillight.

Remove the taillight

Now you can access the old gaskets

Peel the old gasket off. It’s very sticky in some areas. Be careful not to break any of the plastic rods. Put the new gasket on.

Replace the taillight and secure it. I did my other taillight also even though it didn’t leak. Secure everything back in the order you took it off. After everything is back on, run water through the taillights again to see if it continues to leak. If it does, I don’t know what to tell you :/

BUT it worked for me so it should work for you