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February 18, 2022 2 min read

 How to fix Honda K series/RSX/ Civic idle issue * idle air control valve * Code P0505 

For those of you who are having poor throttle issues or the dreaded 1k rpm bouncing to 2k rpm then get stuck 2k and up, try checking for vacuum leaks then try cleaning your IAC valve before you go and buy any parts... and for those of you who can not get past 3-4k rpm it is likely your sensor assy map connection or the unit itself is having issues.

Tacking from 1k-2k rpm continuously.....

Code P0505

-Vacuum leak
-Dirty throttle body
-IAC motor defective
-Poor electrical connection to the IAC valve

SO lets try the free option before anything else......

What you will need
-10mm socket
-12mm socket
-Philips screwdriver
-Dremel or file
-Flat head screwdriver
-2 claps or zip ties
-Carb/choke/throttle body cleaner
-Micro fiber cloth

Cost - you shouldn't have internet if you cant afford this
Time - 30 min


Step 1
Locate your Throttle body (TB)

Step 2
Remove the sensors that are on top of your TB, total of 3 screws. along with the connections on the bottom side of your TB

Step 3
Remove the throttle cable harness,

Step 4
Remove the 2 bolts and 2 nuts that hold in the TB, they are located on all 4 corners of your TB. Try to pull the TB off, if it doesnt slide right off use a screw driver and hammer and gentle tap it off... BE CAREFUL to not break your gasket!!

Step 5
This is where you need claps or zip ties... the only thing stopping you from taking out your TB is 2 hoses attached to the side of it. There are little crimp claps holding them on, release those, hold onto a hose and pull hard. once hose is off clam the end to avoid fluid leaks.

Step 6
Your TB should be removed and look like this, if not you took off the wrong part.

Step 7
Time to remove your IACV 2 screws hold it in place

Step 8
Now that we have what we need to clean off its time to whip out that dremel or file to cut a line into the safety screws... YOU MUST REMOVE THE SENSOR BEFORE YOU CLEAN!

Step 9
Time to clean... put the black sensor off to the side so you dont get anything on it. Take your cleaner and spray into the valve. dont worry about how much just clean all the shit out of it and make sure that it can spin freely and smoothly when you are done. THIS IS THE ONLY THING YOU NEED TO CLEAN!!

Step 10
Let the IACV dry fully and test the spin on it. If it is not moving fast and smooth then reclean.

Step 11
Reassemble your TB fully. when you put the IACV back on make sure it looks like this... the value can go on the wrong way and you dont want that.

Step 12
Put your TB back on and reconnect everything. Reconnect your battery and start your engine. Rev it up high and a few times, let your car run for 5 minutes... PROBLEM SHOULD BE SOLVED!!!!!

If you are still having the same issue or code pop, it is a good chance you suck at cleaning or need a new IACV. Pretty simple and fast


Original DIY by  Boss1337 on clubrsx