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February 19, 2022 3 min read

RSX / CIVIC SI Engine/motor mount replacement DIY

Tool's Needed:

Socket Set (14mm, 17mm, 19 mm)
Metric Wrench Set
Jack Stands
Floor Jack
Phone Book

Things to Remove before you start:

Header or Downpipe ** Not always necessary in all cases, but gives you more room**
Power Steering Reservoir

Another CRSX member reports these Torque Specs from the repair manual
Front- 47lbs-ft
Rear- 43lbs-ft, middle bolt- 47lbs-ft
Driver- 47lbs-ft, middle bolt- 40lbs-ft
Passenger- bracket bolt and nut- 40lbs-ft

1. First you must jack up the front end of the car as high as your floor jack will allow. Once your car is jacked up, place the jack stands underneath the car on the jack points and lower the car.

2. Once the car is supported by the jack stands you are going to need to use the floor jack to support the motor while your and installing the new mounts. Use a phone book between the oil pan and the floor jack like so.

3. Now that the engine is support we can start unbolting one mount at a time. I started with the sub frame mount.

4. There are a total of 4 bolts on the sub frame mount. 3 on the bottom that attach the mount to the sub frame, and one long bolt that goes through the transmission. Unbolt the 3 bottom bolts first, then unbolt the long bolt that goes through the rubber insert of the stock motor mount. The mount should come out fairly easy unless your header is in the way.

5. When your bolting the new mount on make sure to bolt the 3 bottom sub frame bolts back on first, then proceed to put the long bolt that goes through the poly insert of the new mount. You may have to play around with lowering the floor jack the get the last bolt hole to line up. Now you have the hardest mount out of the way :thumbsup:

6. Next do the driver's side transmission mount. Start by taking the long center bolt that goes through the rubber insert out first.
7. Then proceed to unbolt the 3 bolts that are holding the mount to the frame.

8. You should have 4 bolts off by now. This mount comes out extremely easy.:weeeeeeeeee:

9. Now bolt the new mount up to the frame rail with the 3 bolts. Once the mount is bolted to the frame slide the long bolt through the poly insert and tighten it up. You may have to lower and raise the floor jack again to get the hole to line up properly.

10. One more mount left. This one goes on the passenger side. You will have to slide the power steering reservoir off first to get access to all the bolts. Also you will have to loosen the ABS unit so you can loosen one bolt on the mount. You will also need to disconnect the ground wire that it attached to the top of the mount.
11. Once everything is out of the way you can start by unbolting the two bolts that are connected to the motor.
12. Now you can unbolt the center nut at the top of the mount. This will allow you to take the black metal piece that connects the motor to the mount off.
13. You can now unbolt the 3 bolts that hold the mount to the frame.

14. Put the new mount in place and then put the 3 bolts in place that hold it to the frame.
15. Bolt the new connector piece onto the motor using the 2 bolts that held it in place originally.
16. Last, put the big nut that holds the motor to the mount on.

17. Re-tighten the bolts that hold the ABS unit back in place.
18. Put the power steering reservoir back in place.
19. Reconnect the ground wire to the passenger side mount.
20. Lower the floor jack from the motor.
21. Remove Jackstands, and enjoy a wheel-hopless RSX :)

Original DIY by Slo_RSX