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February 22, 2022 2 min read

RSX Type S DIY: Fuel Injector Harness Tuck


For those of us who have removed the plastic IM cover, but are still running the stock fuel rail, we have an ugly fuel injector harness running across the rail. I personally wanted an aftermarket fuel rail, but didnt want to dish out a benj to get rid of some wires. So today I took a look at the rail and realized I could tuck the harness, so I decided to make a DIY with my results.

The harness:

First off, you need to remove the blue plugs off the four fuel injectors like so:

Next, there are two small brackets on the fuel rail between the 1st and 2nd injector and the 3rd and 4th injector. Remove the harness from these brackets by pulling out on the two plastic tabs on the harness cover.

There is a 10mm bolt at the center of the fuel rail in the IM for the electrical grounds. remove this bolt and put it in a safe spot.

At this point, the harness will be free to move about. It should look like this:

Next we need to remove that bulky cover from the wires themselves. There are like 10 tabs around the cover than need to be opened in order to remove it. I used a small #1 flathead screwdriver to pop the tabs out. Be careful, and you wont break any. The tabs look like this:

Once you've removed all the tabs, the cover can be removed and set aside.

You will be left with this:

Now its time for the tuck. I took fished the first two plugs and the ground wire between the two middle injectors, and took the third plug through the 3rd and 4the injectors, and the fourth plug around the side of the 4th injector. Plug the plugs back in and use the bolt you set aside earlier to refasten the ground wire. You will be left with a finished product that should look similar to this:

And there you go, now you have a free mod to help clean up your bay.
original DIY by user_unlisted on clubrsx